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Donating to the GenesisCare Foundation will enable us to focus on areas of unmet need that will not only change lives, but profoundly impact communities.
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The difference we make

We believe that today’s best can always be better, and that good is never good enough.

All over the world, cancer and heart disease continue to significantly burden individuals, families and communities.

Leveraging the global expertise of GenesisCare, we strive to raise the quality of care for people with cancer and heart disease by fostering game-changing research and making it easier to access care. Harnessing a 360-degree approach, we look to the future by focusing on areas of unmet need that will not only change lives but profoundly impact communities, funding clinical trials and rolling out innovative therapies at scale. We will partner and collaborate with community organisations, advocacy groups, governments, corporations, world leading research organisations to solve real patient challenges with the aim of creating long-lasting, impactful partnerships for the public benefit.

The aim is for everyone, everywhere, to live better for longer; thanks to access to innovative care and comprehensive support. The Foundation’s mission is to create profound impact at scale for both individuals and communities.

Foundation - The difference we make

Our focus areas

  1. Clinical research

    Undertaking or commissioning game-changing clinical research and development.


  2. Patient access

    Providing support to patients and their families to access medical care, treatment and management, regardless of their location or financial position.

Foundation - focus areas

Aligning to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The GenesisCare Foundation aligns its efforts to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, and specifically to Goal 3: Good Health and Wellbeing; Goal 9: Promoting Innovation, and Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals.

  1. Goal 3

    We are aligning to Goal 3 by striving for a reduction of the mortality rate attributed to cardiovascular disease and cancer by 2030.

  2. Goal 9

    We are aligning to Goal 9 by encouraging innovation and fostering research.

  3. Goal 17

    We are aligning to Goal 17 by encouraging and promoting effective partnerships.

Foundation - UN goals

Meet our Board of Directors

The GenesisCare Foundation is an independent health promotion charity born from the philanthropic vision of GenesisCare. Chaired by Dan Collins, the Board which governs the Foundation is comprised of experts in their fields who share a passion for philanthropy.

GenesisCare Foundation - Board of Directors

Dan Collins is the Chair of the GenesisCare Foundation and the founder and Chief Executive Officer of GenesisCare. Under Dan’s leadership, GenesisCare has grown from a single clinic to become a leading international healthcare provider for people with cancer or heart disease. His vision for the Foundation is to partner with organisations, not-for-profits and the wider health sector to improve outcomes for patients. Dan believes we can achieve more together than apart.

Gillian Lamoury is a Radiation Oncologist with a sub-specialty interest in breast cancer. She is a senior specialist at the Northern Sydney Cancer Centre and has an Academic appointment with the University of Sydney. Gillian is a member of the Australasian Society of Breast Disease, of the Breast Cancer Trials Group, and a board member of the Strategic Advisory Group for Breast Cancer Network Australia, as well as being current Chair of the Breast Cancer Advisory Group at Cancer Australia. Gillian is passionate about patient-centred care and the delivery of high-quality treatments through state-of-the-art and innovative radiotherapy techniques.

Nicholas Lipscombe has 20 years’ experience in international banking, property, financial markets and family office services. Working across multiple continents, his clients have included global Fortune 500 companies, international banks, local corporations, governments and private families with multiple country and jurisdiction presence. Nicholas brings key strengths to the Board in terms of strategy-setting, marketing, governance and due diligence. He sits on various Boards and has extensive expertise in helping foundations grow in perpetuity.

Albert Wong is the CEO of the Hong Kong Science & Technology Park, and has had 30-plus years of commercial, industrial and leadership roles with various multinationals, like General Electric and Caterpillar. He brings key experience in business development, technology and governance.

Would you like to donate?

Donating to the GenesisCare Foundation will enable us to focus on areas of unmet need that will not only change lives, but profoundly impact communities.
Donate now

Thanks to our donors

Thanks to those who have supported us from the very beginning.

Founding donors:

Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR),
Macquarie Capital,
GenesisCare Pty Ltd


Major donors:

Felice and Miranda Montrone,
Good Hope Charity Trust,
The Olive Family,
In memory of Peter Benham

Foundation - patient access

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